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Install Screen Door Instructions

I wrote these install screen door instructions as I performed the actual task of installing a new screen door. These instructions are fairly standard and will provide the average homeowner or do it yourselfer to easily accomplish this project. I have found that the install screen door instructions which come with the kit are sometimes very confusing.

Let's get started with the tools necessary for this project.

  • First you will need a screw gun or some type of electric drill along with some drill bits and a Phillips head tip for the screw gun.
  • Next you will need a tape measure and a good 4 foot level.
  • A few other small tools may be necessary and that would include a pliers, a Phillips screw driver and a tin snips or some sort of cutter.
  • A set of saw horses to work on would make this job easier also.

  • Next open up the box that your screen door came in and make sure all parts are included and accounted for. For these install screen door instructions we will assume there is brick mold installed around your exterior door. Some times this brick mold may be wrapped with steel and drilling through the steel to reach the wood may be necessary.


  • The first thing to do is to find the rain drip cap. This drip cap will be screwed to the top piece of brick mold temporarily.

  • Attach it so it is flush with the bottom of the brick mold using the supplied screws for this.

  • Now you need to figure out which way you want the door to swing.

  • Next find the hinge frame that will be attached to the door on the side you want the door to swing from or opposite of the latch side. Go ahead and attach this hinge frame to the door using the appropriate screws provided for this.

  • Next you will need to measure the distance from the drip cap down to the top of the threshold. Keep in mind the threshold will be sloped down to the outside and this slope needs to be transferred and cut to the hinge frame at this measurement.

  • Next stand the door up and set it in place at the opening in the closed position. Be sure it is tight against the jamb on the hinge side and also up tight to the drip cap.

  • Now take your level and put it against the hinge frame and adjust the door in the opening so it is level and plumb. When you have the door level and plumb in the opening using the appropriate screws supplied secure the door to the brick mold. Be sure to open the door and securely attach hinge frame on the inside also.

  • Once you have the door secured you will need to adjust the drip cap so the reveal is uniform across the top and then fasten the drip cap permanently.

  • Next you will need to measure from the drip cap down to the threshold once again for the latch side frame. Be sure to cut the slope to this frame also.

  • After this frame is cut set it in place on the latch side and adjust it so the reveal between it and the door is uniform from top to bottom with the door in the closed position. When the reveal is uniform using the supplied screws attach this frame to the brick mold.

  • Now you are ready to install the hardware or handle set. Installing this hardware is fairly simple although I have installed a few that were quite complicated. Follow the provided instructions per the manufacture to get this accomplished.

  • Next is installing the expander to the bottom of the door. Slide the sweep on to the expander and cut off any excess that may stick out. Install the expander to the bottom of the door using the screws provided and adjust it so the sweep is touching the threshold evenly across the threshold.

  • Now its time to install the closer and hardware. After the closer is installed adjust the door so it closes fairly fast but so it doesn't slam. There should be an adjustment screw on the closer for this adjustment.

  • Congradulations!! you are done and this concludes the install screen door instructions.

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