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Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

The Kreg Pocket Hole Jig Tool

Finish Carpentry Help
Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs

The kreg pocket hole jig is a really cool and fun tool. I purchased the MINI KREG JIG KIT some years back and this little tool has saved me a tremendous amount of time and frustration in finish carpentry. I not only used it at work but also at home because this tool tempted me to build things that I never even wanted to try before. These are high quality tools and well worth the money for the diy woodworker.

The Mini kreg jig kit has a single guide body and can be clamped almost any where because of its size and is so durable it can stand up to years of use. The kit also comes with a special drill bit designed just for the guide body and an adjustable collar so you can adjust the depth of the hole to be drilled and drill it time after time perfectly.

The Mini Kreg jig kit is fairly cheap at around $20-$25 dollars. The kreg pocket hole jig kits come in a couple different varieties and vary a little in price. The kreg jig master system is around $150.00 and obviously has everything for pocket-screw joinery. Then comes the kreg jig kit which is around $100.00 and then comes the kreg jig jr. kit which is around $40-$50 and so on down to the mini kreg jig.

The most important place I used this mini kreg jig and the reason I bought it was for attaching my handrails to the newell posts. It works perfectly for this and the rails are drawn tightly to the newell posts with no visible holes. This type of rail system required the use of fillet material which would be cut to fit between the balusters and the hole that was created with the kreg jig was made on the bottom of the rail and the fillet material would be cut to fit in place covering this hole nicely.

Another use I had for this tool on the job was building custom cabinetry units that were built in units. I also built face frames for cabinetry and face frames for closets, pantries and just about any where a face frame could go. I am not a cabinet builder although with this tool I could imitate the work and it would be just as nice but it would also be at a much slower pace then the professional cabinet makers.

At home I would use the Kreg pocket hole jig on furniture pieces that I built. If you do any fine wood work for a hobby or employment I will guarantee that you will impress people with your work if you purchased one of these jigs. Start out small like I did and try the mini kreg jig kit. For around $20 you can't go wrong and I will almost bet with the quality of these tools you will definitely get your moneys worth.

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