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Laser Measuring Tools

Will Laser Measuring Tools Replace the Tape Measure?

Supplementing the spring-loaded tape measure with a laser measuring tools is more likely the answer right now. Alvin J. Fellows invented the spring-loaded tape measure in 1868 and after one hundred and fifty years it would seem carpenters’ tools are undergoing a radical technological change.

Carpenters are seeking ways to make the job easier and more accurate. With the traditional tape measurer the carpenter had to learn to read 1/16 of an inch, it was difficult to measure between walls, and tabulate the dimensions of dangerous areas.

The laser tape measure

The laser tape lets the carpenter point at the target; press the “read” button and get measurements that are accurate up to one hundred feet. It pays to buy top quality laser measuring tools because some of the cheaper models are not as accurate.

Generally, laser tape measuring devices have taken certain industries by storm. Real estate, landscaping, and carpentry have been revolutionized by laser tape measures that the carpenter just points and gets a read out that is 99.5% accurate.

Laser Tools at Amazon

CST/Stanley 77-910 TLM100 Fat Max Tru-Laser

It is important to do your own research before you buy a laser tool. Places to look for reviews of these tools are: “Popular Mechanics” magazine, www.amazon.com customer feedback, and www.epinions.com.

The CST/Stanley 77-910 TLM100 Fat Max Tru-Laser costs around $100.00 and has the reputation of being the best laser measuring tool that can be bought. It is user friendly, quick, and efficient. This laser tool is better than the traditional tape measure because it can cover long distances and does not put the carpenter at risk trying to reach dangerous areas.

The TLM100 can do area measurements, volume, and adds or subtracts distances. Its screen is easy to read and runs on a 9 volt battery which is good for the professional carpenter as well as the do-it-yourself carpenter. Even if the TLM gets dropped it is quite sturdy.

Zircon 58430 DMS50L 50 Ultrasonic Measure with Laser Targeting

Another laser measuring tool that comes highly recommended is the Zircon 58430 DMS50L 50 Ultrasonic Measure with Laser Targeting. This laser costs around $44.00 and can calculate length, width, and volume.

Since this tool rounds room dimensions to the closest inch precision is not this laser’s strong suit. However, if you need to do estimations the Zircon would work well.

Laser Tools at Amazon

accuracy is in question

Laser tools that rely on sound waves instead of steel tape work quickly, but their accuracy is in question. The Sonin Laser Targeting Range Finder and the Stanley IntelliMeasure cost around $60.00 and have small dots That indicate what is being measured. However, these tools add one foot for every 10 feet measured. These laser tools would be alright to use in an empty house, but in a cluttered area they would not be accurate.

In general, laser tools can enhance the work of a carpenter, however, before purchasing these tools it is important to do research and find out what the accuracy rate is. Also, it still remains to be seen whether laser tools will withstand a severe fall off of a ladder or survive on a rainy day.

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