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Decorative Chair Rail

Enhance Your Homes with Decorative Chair Rail

Contemporary homes of today flaunt chair rail which does not stop with an obvious functionality of saving the walls from chairs being pushed around. They have great design value which appeal to everyone and present a style statement of our homes. They are available in reliable wood materials and are reasonably priced. Some of the DIY enthusiasts can try building Decorative chair rail with the minimum tools.

Chair rail protects walls from being damaged, no doubt. But how does it add to the beauty appeal? Well the charm of this chair rail is that the innovative designs and the various available materials which is the stronghold of Finish carpentry can be used as choices for homeowners. It transforms a simple home into an exquisite look. Decorative chair rail could be the apt choice while remodeling or when a person is expecting a better sale value.

Decorative chair rail have a great range of availability. There are delicate, thin models that could embellish smaller homes to larger, more ornate models which fit modern, airy rooms. It can be also used as a substitute for wall paneling. Decorative Rosettes make a grand entry for our rooms.

Chair rails are available in different materials and wood tops the list for its beauty and purpose. Among the different wooden varieties, chair rail made of Poplar, Oak is popular but there are people who prefer Bass, Ash or Maple. Soft woods and hard woods give a wide choice for chair rail. The different patterns that one could use on the chair rail – casing molding, cornice molding, straight and curved molding offer wonderful options too.

Chair rail could be made with a miter box (saw), Coping saw, Finishing nails, hammer, caulk. Other accessories include measuring tape, pencil and stud finder. The following are the steps that one could take to install a chair rail:

1. Measurement: Marking the height where the chair rail is to be installed is the first step. It could be situated any where between 24” to 48” or at your own pre-determined height. Considerations of how to negotiate the windows needs to be decided upfront.

2. Studs: Use the stud to mark the point above and below

3. Room Measurement: While purchasing, a little extra wood needs to be bought. For larger rooms, two pieces can be joined with a 45 degree cut or a 221/2 degree cut. One or the other may work better for you. For joints, coping is the best option. For more in depth instructions for installation, coping, returns refer to this page installing chair rail.
The coping and return pages do refer to baseboard although the concept is the same for all trim wood.

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