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Coping Baseboard

Instructions for Coping Baseboard Molding at a 90 Degree Inside Corner

If you are here you're ready for the next part which is coping baseboard molding at an inside 90 degree corner. Assuming it's a 90 degree inside corner, of which I will explain first. There are other methods of coping the baseboard molding for the other corners.

Let's Get Started

To explain from the begining of coping trim at an inside corner, the first piece of baseboard molding runs directly into the corner with no special cuts and ends at the corner and gets nailed.

  • Take a measurement from the face of the baseboard molding you just nailed to the wall to the next inside corner.

  • Grab yourself a nice matching piece of baseboard that is longer than your measurement and set it on your miter saw upside down finished side out.

  • Turn your miter saw 45 degrees toward the long part of your wood. Grab firmly and cut the baseboard at this angle on the very end of your piece. Now you have a 45 degree back cut on your piece of wood.

    An Easy Method Of Coping Trim

    Looking at your cut piece of baseboard there is a natural line or profile line between the cut part and the finished part.

  • Move your miter saw from 45 degrees back to 0 degrees and continue moving over to 22 1/2 degrees.

  • Carefully cut down this natural line as far as possible without cutting into the finished part. Depending on the style of base that natural line will start to curve - stop at this curve.

  • I found that a dremel tool with a drum sander attachment (product number 407) will grind this little bit left at the curve off quickly and neatly. Refer to pictures, this style of baseboard is colonial baseboard.

  • Now if you have done this correctly the coped end will fit nicely against the last piece you installed at the inside corner and can be nailed in place when you have the next end or other end of this piece prepped for the next issue whether its an inside corner, outside corner or a wall or whatever to continue on.

    Coping Baseboard Coping Baseboard
    Coping Baseboard Coping Baseboard coping baseboard molding
    Coping Baseboard Coping Baseboard Coping Baseboard

    Coping Baseboard
    Dremel Drum Sander

    Coping Baseboard
    Dremel 300-1/24 300 Series Variable-Speed Rotary Tool Kit

    Eventually you will be coping trim and or baseboard by cutting this curve down right with the miter saw, no other tools needed, although this takes some practice. A simple coping saw will work also.

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