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Painting Wainscoting

Painting Wainscoting - Important Things You Need to Keep in Mind

When it comes to painting wainscoting, you have a wide range of options. You can paint it the same color as your walls or choose a different color to give your rooms a contrast look. Depending on the kind of paneling you have chosen and the kind of look you want to give your room, you can choose a paint color.

Painting wainscoting is just like painting any other woodwork. So, you need to first prepare the wood surface properly. You should sand the surface and wipe it thoroughly using a tack cloth to get rid of the fine dust. It is also a good idea to vacuum the surface to get rid of the dust and small particles from the cracks. You can fill the cracks with a good acrylic caulk.

Any woodwork, as you know, needs to be coated with primer and wainscoting is no different. So, apply a coat of primer. After the surface is completely dry, you should inspect it again closely to make sure there are no cracks, crevices, dust, or any such imperfections. Once you are sure, you can begin painting the wainscoting.

A high quality satin paint is usually a good choice for painting woodworks. You can also go for semi gloss or high gloss paint depending on your taste. It is a good idea to avoid flat paint since it gets dirty and stained very quickly and is difficult to clean. It also gives a dull look to the place.

There are certain things you need to consider when it comes to painting this wainscoting. If you want to highlight the wainscot, you can choose a dark color for your wainscot and bright color for the upper portion of the wall. If you want to highlight your walls, you can choose a bright color for your wainscot and dark color for your walls.

As far as painting the wainscoting goes, you have different types of choices. There is no need to stick to neutral colors all the time. You can try bright colors for a change. You can choose different colors for the panels and the trim of the wainscot to accentuate the wall detail.

If you want to create a certain atmosphere in your room, you should choose a paint color accordingly. By choosing dark colors for the wainscoting, you can give your room a formal look. By choosing metallic colors like bronze or copper, you can improve the visual appeal of the room. By choosing color wash, you can give your room an antique look.

Like I already said, you have plenty of choices when it comes to painting wainscoting. So, get creative, paint your walls and wainscoting the way you like, and make your home aesthetically appealing.

Installing Wainscoting
Here are some step by step instructions for installing Wainscoting.

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