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Waynes Coating, Wainscoting

Installing Wainscoting

Installing waynes coating is not difficult and adds beauty to almost any room in your house. Wainscoting is spelled a couple different ways, right or wrong and for seo I use these different spellings, essentially it all means the same thing. waynes coating is known as any kind of wood that is applied to the lower section of a wall. Paneling is sometimes used as wainscoting and is very similar.

Wainscoting is most commonly made of tongue and groove boards applied to the lower part of a wall at various heights and has some sort of chair rail or trim piece or molding which covers and decorates the top edge of the wood.

  • The key to putting it up successfully is starting out level and making sure it is applied to the wall tightly with adhesive and nails. Checking for level periodically will help keep everything plumb as you go.

  • Waynes Coating, Wainscoting

    Acclimate Your New Wainscoting for Best Results

    To get the best results acclimating the wood is necessary. Acclimating the wood refers to letting the wood adjust to the humidity and temperature of the room. To do this just bring the wood into the rooms where it will be installed a day or so ahead of time before installing.

    Starting Out For Installing Wainscoting

  • Decide on the height you want your waynes coating to be at and then snap a line on the wall at this height. Keep in mind some sort of chair rail or molding will be on top of this line.

  • To make things easier keep your waynes coating off or above the floor about a ¼ to ½ inch or so because of imperfections in the floor. Baseboard will cover this later.

  • Measure this distance now and cut all the boards to this length.

  • Next find the studs in the wall with a stud finder and mark the stud locations on the wall.

  • Then screw a nice straight board to the wall securely at this line making sure it is nice and level so the tops of the wainscoting can be butted to it while installing.

  • Installing The First Board

  • Start out by putting the first piece into a corner with the grooved end toward the wall and the tongue side out. Tack it temporarily in place if preferred. Check this first piece with a level and scribe the wall to this piece with a pencil.

  • Next using a jig saw cut along this line and trial fit into the corner being sure to check again with the level making everything perfectly plumb starting out.When this piece is perfectly plumb and level go ahead and pull it back out.

  • Sand the rough edge of the cut side and apply a generous amount of adhesive to the back and nail it permanently in place.

  • Installing The Second Board

    This board will be nailed at the inside part of the tongue. The idea is that the holes from the nails will be covered up by the next adjoining piece.

  • Nail every 12 inches or so up the board and angle the nails in toward the board. Be sure to be appling adhesive to each board as very few nails will actually be hitting studs except at the bottom. Be sure to be hitting the bottom plate 2x4 with nails on every board. Nail into the studs at the stud locations when possible.

  • Working Your Way Down The Wall

    As you work your way down the wall installing wainscoting, be sure to be checking for level and be making any small corrections as needed to keep the wood plumb. Take your time at the outlet locations, carefully mark, measure and cut them out neatly.

  • A special note here is waynes coating will expand and contract according to the seasons. If you are installing in the winter install the wainscoting slightly loose. Do not hammer the boards together tightly. If you are installing in the summer then you can hammer the boards together as tightly as possible being careful not to damage the edge as you are hammering. Use a scrap piece of wood to hammer on to prevent damage to the actual piece.

  • After the wood is all installed then the only thing left to do is remove the top board and decide on some stylish chair rail and install that over the wainscoting.

  • Waynes Coating, Wainscoting

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