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Wood Screen Door

Installing Wood Screen Door kits

Screen Door

These days a wood screen door is definitely unique and adds charm.

Many houses that are built by contractors these days don't incorporate a character added feature such as this.

Many home owners who want to add a screen door just go to their home outlet store and purchase a cheap aluminum screen door then come home and install it without even thinking about it.

Did you know you can buy a screen door kit that you assemble and build?

If you are reading this you may be looking for something unique in this area of your home.

If you are a do it yourselfer and plan on adding a screen door take it to the next level of installation and assemble the door before installing.

A screen door kit comes with all the pieces and instructions and is fairly easy to build.

A door of this type has great appeal and adds a unique addition and charm to a main entrance door.

These screen door kits can be found on the web or your home outlet stores will some times carry them or order them for you.

The Maintenance

We all know that keeping a well groomed and a beautiful home and yard takes work and maintenance.

A wood door is not beyond or above this.

Screen Door - Huntington

Wood is susceptible to weather.

Keeping the door sealed thoroughly will protect the wood and preserve the beauty.

Removing the door for the winter months is even better.

This may seem like a lot of extra work although special screen door hardware can be installed to the door for making this an easy and quick task.

You don't really need a screen door in the winter and your exterior door is designed to handle the more harsh weather without any trouble.

If you have pride and gratitude in doing your own projects this is one you will enjoy.

The beauty and uniqueness of a wood screen door will not go unnoticed by your visitors.

With just a little care and maintenance you will enjoy years of service, beauty and pride out of just this simple door.

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