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Power Tools Manufacturer

Choosing The Right Power Tool Manufacturers

Choosing right power tools manufacturer is important when buying certain tools. All of the tool companies have big claims of performance and features just to get the consumer to buy. The fact is the cheaper tools don't perform and from my experience it is best to stick with the major well known manufacturers. If you stick with the major well known brands then its a matter of doing research on the features you are looking for and comparing prices between these models.

Tools and Tool Reviews Page

Are you looking for a specific power tool or hand tool?

This page has a list of power and hand tools with reviews for the major hand and power tool manufacturers.

Go here and compare each individual tool you are looking for and then decide.

Also links for new and reconditioned tools to purchase.

Reconditioned Tools

If your budget is tight or you can't justify the price of a good tool you might want to check out the reconditioned tools. What are reconditioned tools? They are tools which have been used or returned usually within 30-days of their original purchase date which have then been taken apart and rebuilt. When buying these reconditioned tools directly from the power tool manufacturers, they do offer some good warranties sometimes. Its well worth checking out the warranties of these tools before buying.

Power Tool Manufacturers I Use

Being a carpenter and having very extensive experience with using power tools I could sit here all day and complain about one thing or another with almost all of the different brands or manufacturers. If you use tools as long and hard as I have they will eventually break down or wear out no matter what company. My main goal here is to let you know the tool manufactures of the power tools I have used or own to give you some ideas for comparing and purchasing your own power tools. These companies include Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Delta, Senco and Rigid. Again these are just the brands of power tools which I have personally had good or exceptional experience with. There are of course some other good companies out there, its just a matter of doing some research and or reading reviews of the product you are buying.

Learn About A Few Of The Major Power Tool Manufacturers

DeWalt Tools

The history and more of the DeWalt Company.

Bosch Tools

The history and more of the Bosch Company.

Milwaukee Tools

The history and more of the Milwaukee Company.

Makita Tools

The history and more of the Makita Company.

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